Sunday, April 30, 2017

Video Games Are Better With Stories

The debate on whether or not that video games should have a story is an ongoing one for several decades. Original Witcher writer Andrzej Sapkowski notoriously has disdain for video games as a vehicle for storytelling. Ian Bogost poured gasoline over the smoldering topic at the Atlantic with his article “Video Games are Better Without Stories”. With his emphasis on first person perspective games, he left out a lot of video games that do have compelling stories, even if the player can choose to ignore what is happening and wreck shit.

It is true that video games have often strived to be like Hollywood; beloved by all and understood by everyone. Trying to shoehorn what works for film into what works for video games is where a lot of issues arise. Why bother making a video game if you can tell the story in a book or a play or a film? Because video games offer a unique platform to tell stories even if the execution is less than perfect. One unique way that video games have to tell stories is through choices.

Bogost fails to even mention role playing games in his article about video game narratives. The very genre itself is typically held up as an example of good storytelling in video games. The roots of RPGs can be traced back to J.R.R. Tolkien and Dungeons & Dragons. Some of the more well known games like Baldur’s Gate and Planescape: Torment are praised for their storylines and player agency. In  Planescape: Torment, the player has the ability to converse with an enemy in order to get out of conflict. Just about every action in the game has as a player dictated choice that can lead to surprising and sometimes mundane outcomes. If there was not a narrative attached to the game then the player will more than likely not be motivated to progress.

Even with a game as light on the narrative like Doom, pulls influence from its own narrative. The influential game is about a space marine, alone on Mars, to slaughter thousands of demons from Hell. The game could easily have been something else and it could have been just as influential. What if Doom did not have a narrative at all? It would just be a game about raytraced geometric shapes that explode when clicked on. Through the narrative that Doom has established we can follow what is going and why we are motivated to mow down demons. It is a very simple story but it is one that gives Doom its personality and aides in its influence on video games and pop culture.

What if we strip away the narrative from a game like Mass Effect? Would it be better. I do not think it would be better. You would be left with the core elements of a corridor shooter and able to explore a landscape that would be meaningless. The science fiction space opera like Mass Effect benefits greatly from having a narrative. It informs the setting, the characters, the motivation of the characters, and the theme. Without it, you might as well just play with gray geometric shapes.

Are video games better without stories? They are not. However, it is not necessary for all video games to have a story. A game like Pong or Tetris functions well without a story. Players are welcome, however, to craft their own narrative. In the absence of a story or even a thin story, players will come up with something for their own amusement.

That can be seen as a knock against stories in video games but I think that it shows that people want a story regardless of the medium that it is in. There will be video games with terrible stories and stories that can be told in mediums. But there will be video games that utilize the strength of their medium to tell compelling stories that players can help drive or through something else that is unique to video games.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Mass Effect: Andromeda First Impressions

Mass Effect was the game that finally convinced me to get an Xbox 360. An epic space opera RPG series from BioWare meant that it was a day one purchase. Subsequently, every title under its deluxe edition aftewards was purchased day one. Mass Effect easily became one of my favorite video game series and yet, I wasn’t that excited for Mass Effect: Andromeda. I did end up purchasing that game under its deluxe edition on the first day but even after 11 hours thus far in our neighbor’s galaxy, I don’t feel as enthused as I have with the original trilogy.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Not Another End of Year Metal List! 2016

Two-thousand and sixteen can just go hang itself, am I right? While the year might be overall garbage, it did at least provide a good amount of metal. Once again there was a lot of metal that I listened to and I narrowed them down to my ten favorites. There were not a lot of stand outs for me at first but once I started deliberating what would be included in my list, it became apparent what the top ten really were. Here are my ten albums of 2016!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Game Haul - Quest for a Complete Nintendo 64 Library

Game Haul

Hails and pixels gaming metalheads! I come forth bearing gifts for myself! A few months ago I decided that I am going to go for a complete American Nintendo 64 game library. I already have about fifty titles in my collection and seeing as there is just under 300, I figured I'd give it a shot. There are enough titles for that console that I want that I would end up with a number coming pretty close to a complete collection. Add to the fact that there are not many games that are super-expensive (a handful break the $100 mark usually and I have a few of the harder to find and expensive ones already) and I figured it wouldn't be that difficult to collect. Here is what I picked up today!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Opeth Sorceress World Tour 2016 Report

I have seen a lot of bands live in the three decades that I have existed on this rock in space. The only band that I’ve seen nearly a dozen times is Opeth. To say that they’re my favorite band is an understatement. I first saw them when they were on the Blackest of Black tour back in 2003. They only played two songs but it was amazing. I have caught them nearly every time that they came through the valley. On the rare chance that they didn’t come directly through the Phoenix area then I would usually travel to a neighboring city to see them. With the release of Sorceress earlier this year it was time for Opeth to embark on their world tour.

Leprous North American Tour 2016

Ever since I made the Congregation by Leprous my album of the year for 2015 I have been wanting to see them live. I finally got to fulfill that desire on October 17 when Leprous descended upon the dive-bar venue, Joe’s Grotto. It’s a small, almost seedy bar perfect for metal. The fact that it has a great sound system helps too. My fiancĂ© accompanied me to this show as well as one of my friends whom we met at the venue.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Twenty Five Years of Super Nintendo

Original image credit to JDLinus

Twenty-five years have passed since Nintendo introduced their 16-bit behemoth, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Those days were dominated by buzzwords like “blast processing” and “Mode 7” to give the 16-bit giants (sorry TurboGrafx-16) a 1-Up on each other. The Super Nintendo was my first home console but second overall video game system after the Game Boy, which I owned.