Sunday, October 23, 2016

Opeth Sorceress World Tour 2016 Report

I have seen a lot of bands live in the three decades that I have existed on this rock in space. The only band that I’ve seen nearly a dozen times is Opeth. To say that they’re my favorite band is an understatement. I first saw them when they were on the Blackest of Black tour back in 2003. They only played two songs but it was amazing. I have caught them nearly every time that they came through the valley. On the rare chance that they didn’t come directly through the Phoenix area then I would usually travel to a neighboring city to see them. With the release of Sorceress earlier this year it was time for Opeth to embark on their world tour.

Leprous North American Tour 2016

Ever since I made the Congregation by Leprous my album of the year for 2015 I have been wanting to see them live. I finally got to fulfill that desire on October 17 when Leprous descended upon the dive-bar venue, Joe’s Grotto. It’s a small, almost seedy bar perfect for metal. The fact that it has a great sound system helps too. My fiancĂ© accompanied me to this show as well as one of my friends whom we met at the venue.