Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Gods Detest All

Alright so it's been awhile since I've posted to this meager blog. I have no real excuse so let's just continue on with the concert review. Ancient Egyptian influenced brutal death metal band Nile is on tour again with Ex Deo, Psycroptic and Keep of Kalessin to bring forth the brutality across the States.

It's been about eight years or so since I've seen Nile. That was back on the Blackest of Black (the first one?) that Danzig organized and headlined. At the time my taste in metal was still in a precocious state, absorbing all the new shit that I could find. I was still fairly new to death metal at the time being familiar to Death, Vader, Dying Fetus and Nile. This was also the same year that I discovered Opeth, so imagine my excitement when I found out they were going to be sharing the same bill.

Since it was essentially a festival style bill, each band only got about 20 minutes of set time. So that meant that Opeth played two songs and Nile maybe four. But they didn't get a chance to as their equipment shorted out and led me to exclaim "Fuck you" at the inanimate amplifier causing the headache.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

All Hallow's Eve Black Metal Children's Costume

Hails and pixels it's been a long time metalheads and gamers! The holiday celebrating ghouls, goblins and ghosts is among us and what better way than to capitalize on an entire genre? Black metal may not be the most popular metal genre out there, but it definitely has strong aesthetics that make it ideal to be exploited for costume form. Follow the jump to see what I'm talking about.

Friday, September 24, 2010

And Vinyly...24 or so Minutes of the End...

Some people believe that there is an afterlife - a continuation of one's soul after the physical shell has passed on. This has been with humanity ever since we evolved the ability to think in abstract thought. As we grew and learned more about the material world, some of us realized that there was no need to believe in such nonsense. I'm one of the many who feel, nay, know that there is a definite end to one's life. The only way to live on is to leave behind a legacy. And what better way to do that than with pressing one's ashes into vinyl?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ten Stale Ideas Holding Back Gaming...But Not Really (Part 2)

See? I told you I'd be back for part two! I went over the first two points of IGN's article, 10 Stale Ideas Holding Back Gaming. Now for the remaining points that I will rant all over and probably uses some other bodily function!

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Ten Stale Ideas Holding Back Gaming...But Not Really (Part 1)

I'm not a frequenter of IGN. Sure, I have a profile set up with them but that's only because they have a way for me to keep track of my immense game collection and I've been too lazy to set it up elsewhere. This article has been brought to my attention and it's flawed for several reasons. First of all, its criticisms are far too narrow. The root cause of the problem, which is supposedly stagnating the game industry never comes to fruition. Secondly, he fails to cite any of his claims, which borderline on extraordinary. Third, he confuses some definitions of games, namely casual and independent. I'll just go ahead and break down each point because I have nothing better to do (not true I have Red Dead Redemption and Rock Band 2 waiting for me).

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dead State

About a year ago there was a small news announcement of a new independent video game company forming from the former writers of Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines and Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir. The company was called Doublebear Productions (inspired by Doublefine Productions?) and they made a small blurb that they're working on a zombie survival horror RPG. And that was it.

Flash forward to a few days ago and they officially announce the name of the game, Dead State and release some more information about it. Now I've been fairly excited for this game even though I haven't kept up with it too much. I like zombies, however they have completely saturated the market now and every game tends to feel cookie cutter, rarely adding anything new to the mix. I've always felt that a RPG centered around the zombie apocalypse, maybe in the vein of Walking Dead, would make for a great video game. And here comes Doublebear Productions with what I hope will be a great game.

The gameplay bullet point seem promising with open ended gameplay, engaging storyline, innovative noise and resource management. They have a few screenshots posted that look like the game would fit better in 1998 than 2010. That's not a bad thing mind you as long as the gameplay holds up. I'm also not too thrilled with the concept art at this point, but again it's still in the early stages and they haven't even announced a release date.

I'll at the very least try the demo for this game when they decide to release it and I hope it turns out well for them.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

American Carnage

What's this!? Two posts in one day!? Has the Jolly Metalhead gone mad!? It is quite possible as seeing the combined awesome of Testament, Megadeth and Slayer would have that effect on a person.

The show was held at the Dodge Theater, a place I normally associate with slightly upper class events and for Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd shows. Basically it's not a venue with metal's best interests in mind. The sound is actually really good. In fact I normally wear ear plugs to shows, but everything except for the double kick bass drums were drowned out. And you can't possibly block any sound of Megadeth or Slayer. I believe that's illegal in 47 states.

The main issue with the venue is the lack of proper standing space. Sure they quartered off a 3x3 space in the front but everything else is occupied by seating. Even though I'm not a moshing sort of guy; I prefer headbanging wildly and admiring the musicianship, there are plenty of people who want to mosh. And if it's at a Slayer show it's mandatory, much like suicide.

During the approximate one hour wait for Testament, the theater slowly filled up. War cries of Slayer were heard and echoed. I do feel that most metalheads are fairly intelligent and Slayer does have some poignant lyrical subject matters, it's just that at a show with Slayer tends to bring the level of intelligence down to pre-civilization levels. I'm really not disappointed by it, rather amused. Where else would you hear someone yell out the band of night and have it called back to them? It would never happen at a Britney Spears concert. Nor a Dave Mathews Band show. Not even an AC/DC show. Most metal shows will have the headliner's name chanted just before they take stage. With Slayer, it's heard constantly. From the moment you pull up to the venue. To the time you depart. It's a war cry. A rallying cry.

Testament put on a great show. This was my first time seeing them and admittedly I'm not totally familiar with their discography. Having only the Legacy and Souls of Black, great classic thrash albums in their own right, I didn't recognize most of their set. Regardless, they were tight and it definitely pushed me to get more of their albums rather than slack off on it. Even my girlfriend really got into them and she's determined now to get them.

Megadeth opened full force with Holy Wars and continued on with the Rust in Peace album. It's really, in my opinion, the best thrash metal album out there. Hell, it's easily in my top 5 of all time favorites for music in general. The odd thing about that album is the style was never really hinted at before and never fully replicated afterward. It was an extremely creative time in Mustaine's drug addled pissed off world. Hearing it live was quite spectacular. The only gripe I had with it was Dave's voice just didn't seem up to the task any longer. That could be attributed growing older or the history of drug and alcohol abuse or even having an off night. Other than that slight blemish, the rest of the set was phenomenal if not predictable.

The line up is Megadeth's strongest since the quintessential Rust line up. Christ Broderick is a fantastic fit for lead guitar and I really hope he stays on for more than one or two albums and brings out the creative juices that Friedman originally did on Rust. He easily nails all the songs and I know he can come up with some creative and brilliant material.

After Megadeth ended their set with a call back to Holy Wars, Slayer opened up with a couple of their new songs, World Painted Blood and Hate Worldwide. The crushed intro of War Ensemble kicked off their Seasons in Abyss full album set.

What was interesting about their set was their minimal stage. Testament had a cool high rise with a gothic haunted mansion backdrop. And Megadeth went from a Rust in Peace back drop to an Endgame after the Rust set. Slayer's was just a wall of Marshalls. With some lights. They've always kept it simple and I think that's one of the reasons why they've endured for so long even if they have been musically conservative.

Musically the band is as tight as ever and Tom really didn't seem to have a problem singing, but then again other than the fast delivery, Slayer songs are hardly demanding. Other than the lack of a ear splitting scream in Angel of Death, he hit everything flawlessly. And speaking of Angel of Death, I don't believe it's ever been out of their set list since they debuted back in '86. And honestly, I don't think it could be a Slayer show without Angel of Death.

Overall it was a great, albeit, predictable show. But then again when you have three heavyweight long lived thrash titans in the midst and two of them are playing on of their classics in its entirety, you know you're going to be in for a great time.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Autobiographies Sell...but Who's Buying?

Today is the night of the American Carnage tour, Megadeth, Slayer and Testament, for Phoenix. It was originally slated for January, but Tom Araya had to get back surgery performed. Thankfully he's made a full recovery and I'm sure they will literally slay at the show tonight.

Also today Dave Mustaine appeared for a book signed at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe. I had gotten there around 8:15am, after a stop at Starbuck's to wake up dead and get a little bit of sustenance. The line was only a handful of people at the time. Most were wearing the obligatory Megadeth shirts. Some had added to the ensemble by donning Megadeth tattoos. Everyone was friendly. Conversations were generally about what Megadeth shows we've been to prior. How awesome Megadeth is. The history of Metallica and Megadeth. And just general discussion about metal.

Mustaine wasn't slated to arrive until 10am, so there was some time to kill. I had brought along Boneshaker by Cherie Priest to pass the time. I got through a couple of chapters but ended up talking with some fellow metalheads.

We were eventually corralled into orderly lines determined by what letter we had which is based on what position the book was purchased prior. I was assigned letter G. I'm not sure how far down the alphabet they went, but the line moved smoothly. This was aided by the fact he was only signing the book and no posing photos were to be taken. At first it was no photography at all, but they loosened up and allowed photos to be taken up to meeting Mustaine and after. Just no poses. That part is a bit unfortunate as I would've liked to taken a picture with him, alas it is not to be.

A disheveled musician wishing he could just relax instead of pretending to enjoy the fans.

I got to meet the man who helped give birth to the thrash metal sub-genre. I had a few words with him, and shared with him an inside joke that I have with my girlfriend. He seemed like a nice enough guy and he has done a lot for metal, despite some of his rivalries and his downfall into drugs and alcoholism. Here's to one of the greatest guitarists and songwriters in all of music. \m/

I met Dave Mustaine. I'm more metal than you!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Into the Infinity of Thoughts

I'm not a big MMO player. In fact the only online multiplayer RPGs that I've played were Diablo, Phantasy Star Online (on the Dreamcast) and Too Human. Not exactly massively. I've been curious about EVE online since I love science fiction and that game seems to have a pretty good story and some gameplay mechanics but the huge time investment shied me away from it. Not to mention the monthly fees. Well I can probably just read the novel based on the game.

Unless an MMO based on Fallout comes out, I doubt I'll pick any of them up. However, this game, Infinity, looks particularly interesting. A space faring and terrain landing MMO that's supposed to feature a procedural universe and complete seamlessness between space and planet side. In addition to real time combat, unique storyline missions (no instances here!) and open ended gameplay, the small team of developers have a lot on their plate.

Even with their ambitious goals, they seem to have a lot going on. Hopefully they'll be able to keep the game going and release it at some point. The early videos they have so far are pretty amazing.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's Been a Long Time to Slaughter

Hails and pixels metalheads! It’s been quite a while since I last updated this exciting blog. A ton of shit has gone down, both in my personal life, out in the metal world and in the video game world. I moved into a new place, so that is one reason, outside of laziness, why the blog has not been updated. I’m also without a reliable internet connection so that will impede matters a bit.

E3 has come and gone with some pretty exciting news. Kinect actually looks like a lot of fun, especially Kinectimals. I can only hope that the game will include a tiger mauling simulation. The dance game from Harmonix looks like fun; hopefully they’ll introduce Air Rock Band to make people look more retarded.

A lot of new metal albums have come out, or are coming out. I picked up Nevermore’s new album, the Obsidian Conspiracy, and it is a solid slab of progressive thrash metal that is expected of the band. Decrepit Birth recently dropped a new album and the Summer Slaughter just recently came through my area, which I attended. So to break up the dry spell, I’ll go ahead and recap my experience at the tour.

Summer Slaughter Tour

The Blackened Skies
I arrived at the venue at around 3:20pm. Not too many people around, whom I expected since it’s the middle of the day and I’m sure a lot of people, are still at work. I just wandered around the venue checking out merch stands of the bands and ended up picking up a few items. The first band to come on was a local band by the name of the Blackened Skies. OK, generic metal title, but things could look up. I’m expecting maybe a symphonic influenced band with a tinge of black metal. Nope. Mediocre metalcore. Perhaps if the band came out 10 years ago they might’ve been good. But at this point, they are not doing anything special to go anywhere. Sure the musicians are competent but they are basically doing metal by numbers.

The singer sounds like Phil Labonte, which is not a bad thing, just has really shitty growls. Well let’s hear the next band!

Vital Remains
Vital Remains is next and they open up with their classic, Dechristianize. Personally I love this song for its sheer brutality and epic-virtuosic-melodic solos and melodies. Unfortunately the mixing was poorly done that all I could hear were the incessant double-kick drums and low end guitars. If I strained my ears enough, I could hear the solos. They also played Devoured Elysium and Hammer Down the Nails from Icons of Evil. Performance wise they commanded the stage well, even though singer Scott Willy looked a little ridiculous with his spiked gauntlets and stiff actions. Despite the sound problems they put on a great show and I even picked up a shirt of theirs.

Animals As Leaders
And then I thought that Carlton Banks started up a band, because that’s exactly who lead guitarist Tosin Abasi looked like. The only things missing were a sweater draped over his shoulders and him performing the Carlton dance, which would’ve been awesome! I was thoroughly impressed by this instrumental band. Abasi conquered the 8-string neck while the rest of the band provided a strong music backbone. Animals as Leaders are sort of the odd man out on a bill dominated by death metal and deathcore, but they won over plenty of people and I would love to see them again.

So far the show is shaping up very nicely. Let’s see how the next band is. Fuck. Carnifex? OK first of all, that’s a terrible name. Secondly, you fucking suck. Extremely generic, uninspired, tough-guy deathcore. I’m sitting this one out.

Decrepit Birth
Ah, now some real good metal is on next. Decrepit Birth opened up with Living Doorway which is a great song with the right amount of brutality and virtuosity. The rest of their set consisted of songs spanning their three albums from …And Time Begins through their newest, Polarity. The sound was perfect and the performance was spot on. I can’t wait to see them again when they tour with Suffocation.

Cephalic Carnage

After that brutality, it’s time to mellow out with a more pot influenced band. Well, Decrepit Birth did make some marijuana references in between songs; Cephalic Carnage has entire songs dedicated to the plant. And they are pretty brutal mixing in grindcore with death metal. I think the band is alright personally. I only have Lucid Interval, and they thankfully played the title track as a closer. Even hearing songs spanning their discography, including upcoming new material, I felt that entire song is their best at how well written and varied it is. Beyond that they were pretty entertaining.

Veil of Maya, the Red Chord, All Shall Perish
The next three bands were just three long moments of suck. Veil of Maya was up next. Despite taking their name from a great Cynic song, they manage to be a cookie cutter metalcore band and play it worse than others. The Red Chord was the next band and I’ve seen them before with Cannibal Corpse. Actually, seen them is incorrect. I sat outside the venue in order to avoid them, which I did to them as well. Typical tough-guy deathcore. The last band of the suck was a band that I was into a bit. Sure, they’re deathcore, but the few songs I downloaded had some great moments of death metal. Seeing them live erased all love I had of them. The sound was terrible, but that didn’t detract my enjoyment of Vital Remains too much, unfortunately the music could not hold up at all. Typical breakdowns, with pinch harmonics and tough-guy vocals. Blech.

The Faceless
In order to make up for the entire suck, the Faceless slaughtered the audience. The vast majority of their set contained songs from Planetary Duality with a handful of Akeldema-era songs. OK, I’ve made a point of my distaste of deathcore before, but these guys incorporate enough technical death metal to make me enjoy them. Plus the moments of –core that they have are well done. Rather than riding the low open string at alternating slow and triplet picked rhythms, they use different chord progressions and really just slow it down as opposed to making room for mosh fighting bullshit.

Michael Keene’s fretwork really impressed me and took in a greater appreciation for the complicated songwriting of the band. There is never a dull moment with the songs weaving through the musical landscape only to draw the listener back into the pits of Hell.

With the Faceless, I fully expected Decapitated to dominate the show. They opened with A Poem about an Old Prison Man from Organic Hallucinosis. The rest of the handful of songs were from that album as well, with one from their first album, the title track Winds of Creation. I’ve never been a fan of their newer album, especially when they replaced vocalist Sauron with Covan. They went from some of the best death metal vocals to just typical deathcore shouts. Unfortunately for the band the sound was horribly muddled with weird phase shifting effects happening when everyone was playing fast in unison.

Combined with my fatigue and hunger, I had to leave early especially since they weren’t playing songs from Negation and before as often as I liked. It is a shame what happened to Decapitated, and they’re still one of my favorite death metal bands. I unfortunately felt that they fell flat performance wise. Hopefully they’ll tour again on their own in the near future. 

Monday, May 17, 2010

Most Metal Video Games (Part 3)

Hails and pixels metalheads! I know it's been quite a while since the previous installment of Most Metal Video Games, just stuff in real life and sheer laziness. I make no promises to keep a better schedule other than try for a weekly installment until I run out of potential candidates. Of course the past day has been pretty bleak for metal with the loss of the almighty Ronnie James Dio. We shouldn't mourn his loss but celebrate his contributions to metal as a whole. \m/

This week's most metal video game is the Guilty Gear series.

The moderately popular Japanese fighting game is loaded with various metal references in the characters and the music. Daisuke Ishiwatari is a bit of a renaissance man by designing the characters, penning the story, providing voice work and composing the music of the Guilty Gear series. He makes no shame of his love of metal and hard rock by naming characters after bands such as Venom, Slayer, Testament and musicians such as Zappa, Axl Rose (Axl Low), and Cliff Burton (Kliff Undersn).

Backed up by the metal/hard rock influenced characters is the hard hitting soundtrack. Instrumetal goodness filled with solid headbanging riffs and searing leads make this one to be occupied in one's iPod for some time. However between the various incarnations of the game, it can get a bit tiresome as the songs start to recycle motifs and while this is a common practice in order to save time and money, it makes it a chore to listen to in the long run.

Guilty Gear has a very diverse cast of characters and some very unique character designs; some of the best I've seen in recent fighting games. You have a guitar wielding witch. A tall shape shifting man with a bag over his head. And a man who can conjure up cue balls to shoot at you with his cue stick.

Personally I'm not a huge fan of fighting games and have little patience for their nuances but I certainly respect the good ones and this one is one of them. While the game has not reached the popularity of Street Fighter or Virtua Fighter, it is still heavily played by those looking for a great fighting game experience. The uniqueness, wackiness, and numerous of references to metal this game makes it a very metal video game.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lost In Shadow

I'm always on the look out for games that do something fairly unique. This game looks like it's going to be an interesting take on platformers; the play of light and shadow and how that directly influences your position on the level. Looks like a good one to keep an eye on.

RNC Less Metal Than You!

Well it's not every day that you hear about death metal on a fairly popular news show, unless it's about how a couple of idiot teenagers allegedly raped and murdered a girl whilst listening to Slayer or Judas Priest. Of course those bands are hardly death metal, but what do they know? Rather than sensationalize death metal in the typical way, Ms. Maddow seems to think that the presence of the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida will stir up some controversy. I doubt it. I haven't heard much of metal musicians, much less from death metal, participating much in politics. Sure some the lyrics of the mentioned bands in the clip, Cannibal Corpse, Death, Obituary, Six Feet Under and Deicide, might feature some political awareness, but they tend to lay within the blasphemous or the tongue-in-cheek gore-horror-movie shtick.

Maybe if Schuldiner was still alive he might make some comments about it. However I wouldn't be surprised if Glen Benton of Deicide would say something about this. He seems crazy enough and out spoken enough to say something about this. C'mon, this guy burned a cross upside down on his forehead. It's scarred there for life. You'd have to be a crazy mother fucker to do something like.

Oh well. I doubt anything will come out of this. I do wish she mentioned Morbid Angel and some of the other influential Floridian death metal bands.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Brian Posehn - More Metal Than You!

I really haven't followed Posehn's career but I do know of him from the Metal By Numbers video he did and some of his bits on Mr. Show and the Sarah Silverman Program. When the new video single, More Metal Than You, came out and I found out that he was coming to the Valley, I was stoked! The video is pretty awesome of course:

I saw him live and he is fucking hilarious! He did not do a whole lot in the way of metal references but he had fantastic delivery and just all around great jokes. I'll have to pick up his albums soon.

Finntroll, Moonsorrow, Swallow the Sun Concert

Hails and pixels metalheads! Sorry about the delay in between posts, just got a bit lazy and some shit going down in real life that I might go into later. Anyway here is a catch up post for the concert involving Finntroll and Moonsorrow.

The concert was over at a restaurant/bar in Mesa called UB's. I've never been there before but it's a decent sized venue; about 100 capacity. The opening band was a local one called Adavant whom I've seen prior when I saw Eluveitie. Not a bad folk metal band, though a bit odd considering they originate from the Valley of the Sun and not the fjords of Scandinavia. Their songs are typical singing about drinking, celebration and the glory of battle. And of course they have a female singer, who I saw while they were taking down their set and complimented her band on a great job and how I saw them previously. Apparently that was a different female singer and she was the new one. My bad.

The second band was a thrash metal band from California called Bonded By Blood. Really great riffs that reminded me of early Exodus, Overkill and a bit of old school Kreator. Every single riff was mosh and headbang worthy. The only negative I had with the band was the singer. He wasn't lacking energy or anything it's just that his vocal styling didn't seem suited for the brand of thrash metal they were playing. I think a more shout style like Tom Araya or psuedo-growling of Miland Petrozza would fit better. There was little between song banter and what bit was there was commenting on the stupid anti-immigration law that Arizona passed and they joked that they might get deported. This band I'll keep an eye on.

I took a personal intermission to refuel my metal gut with some Whataburger. I came back in time to catch a handful of songs of Swallow the Sun. They're not a bad live band, though I think I enjoy them more on the record than live.

After them was Moonsorrow. Tons of energy and the audience enjoyed them immensely. Unfortunately sleep started to overtake my body and I had leave half way through their set. Perhaps next time I'll down some coffee or energy drinks to compensate. By the way, I left with a pretty awesome Moonsorrow tour shirt.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

New CD Purchases

Hails and pixels metalhead gamers! I recently stopped by the great local metal store in Phoenix; Metal Devastation. To anyone in the greater Phoenix area or about to visit, please visit that store. It is filled with metal goodness from pretty obscure black and death to the more mainstream acts. The T-Shirt selection is fantastic as well. Anyway, here is what I picked up:

Swallow the Sun - Hope

No, this isn't a concept album about Barack Obama, in fact this album came out in 2007. This is the third album from Finnish doom/melodic death metal band Swallow the Sun. I have only heard a handful of songs before but I loved what I heard. Since I plan on attending their show this Monday, I felt I had to know at least some songs from them. The album has a great presence and reminds me a lot of Opeth if they went in a more slower progression style. Vocalist Mikko Kotamaki sounds quite a bit like Mikael Akerfeldt when he growls.

The music isn't too complicated however I feel that the producer could have pushed the vocals up in the mix a bit more. While I don't care too much for the vocals, these are quality enough that I want to hear them.

Moonsorrow - V: Havitetty

I have heard Moonsorrow before from their first album, Suden Uni and enjoyed it immensely. It's a wonderful blend of black and folk metal though the band leans more toward the folk side. This album explores more of that and begins to show a more progressive side with epic song length; two songs on the album clocking in at about 30 minutes each.

I wanted another album from Moonsorrow as I'm seeing them on Monday as the headliners with Swallow the Sun. I hope the show goes great and I can't wait to see them.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

If Jason Becker Covered Video Game Music...

He'd probably sound like this guy:

YouTube suggested this guy to me after viewing and/or favoriting various video game guitar covers and they gave me a great suggestion. BKMJMBOX has a lot of other great Final Fantasy covers and medleys. I'll post some more awesome video game cover guitarists in the near future as the scene is just filled with some amazing bedroom virtuosos.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Most Metal Video Games (Part 2)

Hails and pixels metalhead gamers! It's been awhile but here's another installment of the Most Metal Video Games series! Last week I debuted the series with Too Human, a futuristic-cacophony-Norse-Mythology-Diablo style game.. This week's most metal video game is none other than:


The granddaddy of all first person shooters; Wolfenstein 3D and others might have come before it, but no other game revolutionized gaming quite on the level as DOOM. Why this game is metal is pretty much a no-brainer. You are a lone-ass-kicking-soldier against the infinite denizens of Hell with some bad ass space-age and not so quite space-age weaponry like the shotgun and in the sequel, the almighty double barreled shotgun. With it's creative creature designs and fantastic labyrinth levels, it's no surprise why this game helped kick start shareware and make the mod community what it is today. Of course this game also has a great soundtrack even if it is pretty much ripped off.

Bobby Prince, who was originally a lawyer; what he practiced is beyond me as it's not stated on his Wikipedia page, composed the soundtrack. It's been said that due to his law background he was able to get away with much of the copyright infringement because he knew how much constituted substantial similarities to the source material. Personally, even though I'm not a high-priced-city-slicker-fancy lawyer I can definitely hear the similarities between the original songs and DOOM's versions.

Granted most of DOOM's songs play the main riff for a few bars then move that same riff up a few steps to create repetition; at least he took from some great source material. Slayer. Metallica. Pantera. Alice In Chains. Despite the seemingly infringement going on, I have never heard a lawsuit peep from any of the bands. This is particularly surprising as Metallica is involved and we all know how protective Lars Ulrich is about his music. Regardless, the music fits the intensity of the game and it has withstood time by being continuously covered and rearranged by musicians the world over. To close out this post, I'd like to share my favorite medley of DOOM music performed by Finnish symphonic metal band: Epiclore.

Currently Listening To: Black Sabbath - The Mob Rules

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Most Metal Video Games (Part 1)

Hails! Now we begin an ongoing, indefinite length of time to determine some of the most metal video games out there. What makes a video game 'metal'? Well for my arbitrary definition it has to encompass the metal genre. The game has to be aggressive, uncompromising, evil, over-the-top, controversial, cheesy, a breaker of barriers and be fucking cool. Or whatever I decide is a metal video game.

Too Human

What Makes It Metal?

It's Norse mythology with robots! The Norse mythology alone would qualify it as being a metal video game since enough bands dip into the mythos, especially Amon Amarth. Speaking of which, I have no idea why that band was not asked to compose music for Too Human. With song titles like In Pursuit of Vikings, Valkyries Ride, Guardians of Asgaard, With Oden On Our Side and more they were basically a shoe-in for the game!

Instead we get generic metal riffage from 3volution Productions, started by former Fear Factory drummer Raymond Herrera no less. Sure there was some epic music in there but when it comes to action music, Amon Amarth would've fit right in.

Another reason the game is metal is because it's fucking hard. Especially when you're in the Ice Forest and surrounded by Cripplers, Stalkers, Spiders, Skullhammers and other mechanical machinations. However the Valkyrie that takes you to Valhalla is not metal. Well it is, but not when it takes 30 minutes to complete the sequence before you can continue again only to suffer at the lengthy sequence again. And again. And again.

Either way, I did enjoy the flawed game, especially in Co-Op. I was ultimately let down as I was excited for this game ever since I saw a preview for it in an old EGM years ago for the Playstation One. I'd still love to play that rendition of the game.

Into the Pixel Pit

Hails and welcome metalheads and gamers! This blog is for people who are passionate about metal music and video games. On trying to find sites that mesh my two passions, I decided to create my own blog site. On topic will be all things metal. All things video games. And any random bullshit that I decide to post.

I shall put together lists; because that is what the series of tubes demands, reviews of bands and video games, showcase local metal acts and help create the most metal playlists for various types of games.

Be forewarned, while I try to keep an open mind on just about everything, I am extremely biased in what I like about metal and video games. So don't expect to find topics about Slipknot, Static-X, Mudvayne or any other bands that are trying to be passed off as metal. Unless of course they are to be mocked, in which case you will expect to find that as well. Only real metal here and real good video games.