Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Into the Pixel Pit

Hails and welcome metalheads and gamers! This blog is for people who are passionate about metal music and video games. On trying to find sites that mesh my two passions, I decided to create my own blog site. On topic will be all things metal. All things video games. And any random bullshit that I decide to post.

I shall put together lists; because that is what the series of tubes demands, reviews of bands and video games, showcase local metal acts and help create the most metal playlists for various types of games.

Be forewarned, while I try to keep an open mind on just about everything, I am extremely biased in what I like about metal and video games. So don't expect to find topics about Slipknot, Static-X, Mudvayne or any other bands that are trying to be passed off as metal. Unless of course they are to be mocked, in which case you will expect to find that as well. Only real metal here and real good video games.

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