Sunday, August 21, 2016

Twenty Five Years of Super Nintendo

Original image credit to JDLinus

Twenty-five years have passed since Nintendo introduced their 16-bit behemoth, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Those days were dominated by buzzwords like “blast processing” and “Mode 7” to give the 16-bit giants (sorry TurboGrafx-16) a 1-Up on each other. The Super Nintendo was my first home console but second overall video game system after the Game Boy, which I owned.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Devour Me 2016 Tour Report

Live shows are always a treat because you get to see talented musicians perform your favorite songs and you are sometimes treated to special moments that you otherwise won’t get from an album. Agalloch performing “Sowilo Rune” live for the first time as a tribute to Christopher Lee was an amazing experience. The performance of Ne Obliviscaris from their Devour Me tour yielded a similar experience.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

GameOn Expo 2016 Report

Hails and pixels metalhead gamers! I just got back from a long day at the second annual GameOn Expo! This is a convention started by YouTuber Gamester81 that celebrates all things video games. I went to the first one last year but only for the opening day as I got busy with work on that weekend. I also didn’t go for the full weekend this year but the day was filled with fun, games, friends, and my fiancĂ©e. Hit the jump to read all about it!