Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Most Metal Video Games (Part 1)

Hails! Now we begin an ongoing, indefinite length of time to determine some of the most metal video games out there. What makes a video game 'metal'? Well for my arbitrary definition it has to encompass the metal genre. The game has to be aggressive, uncompromising, evil, over-the-top, controversial, cheesy, a breaker of barriers and be fucking cool. Or whatever I decide is a metal video game.

Too Human

What Makes It Metal?

It's Norse mythology with robots! The Norse mythology alone would qualify it as being a metal video game since enough bands dip into the mythos, especially Amon Amarth. Speaking of which, I have no idea why that band was not asked to compose music for Too Human. With song titles like In Pursuit of Vikings, Valkyries Ride, Guardians of Asgaard, With Oden On Our Side and more they were basically a shoe-in for the game!

Instead we get generic metal riffage from 3volution Productions, started by former Fear Factory drummer Raymond Herrera no less. Sure there was some epic music in there but when it comes to action music, Amon Amarth would've fit right in.

Another reason the game is metal is because it's fucking hard. Especially when you're in the Ice Forest and surrounded by Cripplers, Stalkers, Spiders, Skullhammers and other mechanical machinations. However the Valkyrie that takes you to Valhalla is not metal. Well it is, but not when it takes 30 minutes to complete the sequence before you can continue again only to suffer at the lengthy sequence again. And again. And again.

Either way, I did enjoy the flawed game, especially in Co-Op. I was ultimately let down as I was excited for this game ever since I saw a preview for it in an old EGM years ago for the Playstation One. I'd still love to play that rendition of the game.

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