Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Games That Got Me Excited at E3 2015 - Part 3

This is the last part of the three part series of E3 2015. I told you there were a lot of games I’m excited about coming out! Enough talk! Let’s get to the list!

Persona 4: Dancing All Night
This is basically Persona 4 meets Dance Central. I’m a fan of the Shin Megami Tensei universe, particularly Persona, so this will be a no-brainer pick up for me. This is especially true since I’m trying to collect all of the SMT North American released titles out there.

Persona 5
And speaking of which, here is Persona 5! This game looks really slick in its art direction and I’m sure it’ll be just as good as the last two Persona games. This game along with many others on this list has convinced me that the PlayStation 4 will be my next console pick up.

Only a cinematic teaser was shown for this Xbox One exclusive from Mega Man co-designer Keiji Inafune and Armature Studios (made up of former Metroid Prime developers) but there was enough to see how the game might play. Robots are a huge part of the game as well as glowing spheres which seem that they can be used in different robots for different tools and weapons and to progress in the game, I’m sure. I hope to see more of this game in the near future.

Rise of the Tomb Raider
The Tomb Raider reboot is one of my favorite games. Any news of a sequel is basically going to make me want to get it. While the timed exclusivity is a bit of a bummer, I’ll just wait for the definitive edition for PC whenever that comes out.

SOMA is a new game from Frictional Games (Amnesia) and it looks to be every bit as creepy and terrifying as their previous games. This time the game takes place underwater and you have to find a way to escape from the watery tomb. There is also a robot that seems tied to the place and is affected by your actions as you try to figure out your escape.

Shenmue III
Along with the surprise of the Final Fantasy VII remake announcement comes the Shenmue III announcement. This is something that Shenmue fans have always wanted and Yu Suzuki wanted to continue on with the series but given its commercial failure and high price tag, it looked as if a third game would never come to pass. Well, Shenmue III is now on Kickstarter and already funded with Sony supporting it for the PlayStation 4 ports. Details are still scarce but hopefully this ends up being as good as the last two games.

Fire Emblem Shin Megami Tensei
I haven’t played a Fire Emblem game so I can’t really comment on it but I’ve heard great things about it and as I stated that I’m a fan of SMT, I’ll be picking this up as well when it comes out. Time to get a WiiU in addition to my PS4!

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
I’m not a super fan of Uncharted; I played the second one and found it enjoyable for the most part, so I was blown away at what they showed for the fourth game on the fourth PlayStation. It still has the epic set pieces but it looks like there will be more ways to go through the environments and to interact with it.

Until Dawn
This looks like it’ll be a unique and terrifying horror game from Supermassive Games. Until Dawn follows a group of teenagers whose fate is determined by you, the player. It looks like there will be some of the usual horror tropes going on but hopefully it’ll be done well enough to overlook.

Xenoblade Chronicles X
This is the game that made me want to get a WiiU. I’m a fan of the original Xenoblade Chronicles and pretty much anything that Tetsuya Takahashi works on. Basically enjoy an open world RPG with giant mechs.

Yoshi’s Wooly World
Yoshi’s Island on the Super Nintendo is my favorite Mario platformer and platformer of all time. Unfortunately none of the subsequent Yoshi’s sequels have even come close to the perfection of Yoshi’s Island. I hope that Yoshi’s Wooly World can change this. Either way the art direction is very cute and charming.

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