Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Canada Metal Day 2015!

The first of July marks the day that Canada violently rose up against the tyranny of the British Empire and establish their freedom as a nation. What’s that? It’s just a few colonies uniting into a single country, effectively creating Canada within the British Empire of the time? Well so Canada made not have a bloody beginning as the United States had but Canada sure has some fantastic metal bands. When talking about metal and the countries that have them, Canada rarely shows up. You have the usual nations of Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom and the United States but United States’ hat is rarely acknowledged when it comes to prominent metal bands. And while our Northern Neighbors don’t have many innovators of metal they have a lot of bands that perfect the craft and push it forward. Probably another reason that Canada doesn’t get recognized is that there really aren’t any large bands outside of Rush and the technical death metal outfit, Nickelback. Here are some Canadian bands that I enjoy and push the envelope of metal.



Beyond Creation


Quo Vadis

Dead Brain Cells

Well that's interesting. Not only are these bands Canadian but they're also from Quebec! I wonder what it is about that providence that metal bands seek to make their music more progressive and technical? Whatever it is, it's something I love!

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